Zoho People

Zoho People

Zoho People Features

Centralized & Secure Employee Data

  • Manage People, Not Software
  • Easy Employee Addition
  • Locate your Employees Faster
  • Know your Organization Tree

Leave Management

  • Effective Time-off Management
  • Customize your Leave Types & Holiday List
  • Paperless Requests & Approvals
  • Generate Comprehensive Reports
  • Department Leave Calendar

Performance Appraisal

  • 360-Degree Feedback
  • Goal Setting and Tracking
  • Employee Self-Appraisal
  • Review Appraisal
  • Performance Reports
  • Analytics
  • Skill Set Matrix
  • 9-Box Model

Track You Employee Attendance

  • Check-in & Check-out made Easy
  • Customize to Suit your Requirements
  • Automatic Shift Scheduling
  • Set Permissions Effortlessly
  • Appealing Graphical Report

Tracking Time and Attendance

  • Schedule your Jobs!
  • Works with Zoho CRM
  • Log Timesheet, Track Wisely, and Stay Profitable!
  • Multiple Criteria. Simple Approvals.
  • Get Accurate Reports!

Form Customization

  • Create Custom Modules
  • Drag and Drop Design

Intelligent Automation

  • Email Alerts
  • Multi-level Approval
  • Reminders
  • Checklist

Real-Time collaboration and Live Feeds

Instant notification

  • HR Alerts, Instantly.
  • Post a Message!

Live Feeds & Collaboration

  • Start a Discussion!
  • Timely Decision Making

Stay connected with your colleagues on-the-go!

  • Zoho People For iPhone/iPad & Android

File Cabinet

  • Company Files
  • HR Files

Employee Self Service Features

  • Make your employees independent by letting them:
  • Modify Personal Information
  • View Attendance Reports
  • Add Jobs and Log Time
  • Claim Medical Reimbursements
  • View Benefits
  • Collaborate through Feeds
  • Export Personal Data
  • View Leave Reports & Balances
  • Raise Travel Requests
  • View all Approvals and Permissions
  • Access Announcements

Why People Use SaaS?

How does it work?

On-demand Apps from Zoho are conveniently accessible through your browser. It does not require any software implementation, upgrades or hardware purchase.

Why should you use Suvichar Technologies for Zoho?

Suvichar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Zoho Alliance Partner. We have implemented Zoho Solutions for many customers across the globe. We have highly trained and experienced staff on all Zoho applications. We not only configure Zoho Apps but can also integrate Zoho apps using APIs.

Our services for Zoho

  • Customization and Configuration of Zoho Applications to suit your business processes
  • Zoho Integration with other systems
  • Training
  • Reports development and customization
  • Support

Why should you use SaaS Applications?

SaaS applications by Zoho are easy-to-use and very cost effective. Every application is built on standard business process but still has flexibility to customize to one’s need.

  • No software installation
  • No hardware purchase
  • No contract, pay as you go
  • No data lockup, export your data anytime
  • You get a cost-effective enterprise-grade applications online