• Technical Capability

Technical Capability

Binary Quest helps organizations prepare for coming changes, manage the complex organizational and workforce transition to the desired end state.

We will help to shape ICT and business strategies, bringing a boardroom perspective to ICT.

Binary Quest helps organization to find suitable solution, deploy and run their core technology with the highest possible outcome.

We have got a dedicated .NET R&D Team, responsible for researching the latest software releases, testing new technologies and sharing the knowledge with the rest of the team. Extensive technical support from Microsoft coupled with Binary Quest's own R&D, allow the company to remain at the forefront of Microsoft .NET technologies.

Binary Quest has a team of professionals who perform system analysis beyond basic testing which allows for discovery of the system's weak point(s). In the most difficult cases, the testing is performed by our top developers who solve tasks of utmost complexity according to client's needs. We do all sorts of training to make sure that the software is up to the global standard: Black-box (functional) testing, White-box testing, Performance Testing (including profiling and benchmarking), Configuration testing (different platforms, operation systems, browsers), Stress Testing and Automated Testing.

To find the most cost-effective solution for client (s) we use non-trivial approach during the entire software development cycle. This approach also includes advisory and after-development backing.

Binary Quest has demonstrated skills and experience in the following area: