Looking for developing intranet/internet/extranet portals using SharePoint.

Binary Quest together with its partners has expertise and developers to assist you in any way for SharePoint implementation and customization. By combining years of industry and application specific knowledge and experience, established best practices, and proven delivery methodologies, we deliver measurable long-term results for our clients.

We can assist you in:

  • Implement SharePoint for business intelligence requirements
  • Customizing and implementing SharePoint for your unique business requirements
  • Implementing SharePoint for Document Management
  • Developing automated departmental training programs
  • Integrating SharePoint with other business applications (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Design, develop, and deploy mobile app to access your SharePoint server(s)
  • Migrating SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010

Sharepoint Implementation & Administration

  • AD and Exchange Integration

Custom Reporting Solution

  • Reporting Solution in SharePoint based on legacy systems

Third Party System Integration

  • Integration with SAP and other System

BI Dashboards

  • Custom Widgets / Graphs / Charts

Process Automation

  • Custom Workflow
  • Info Path Forms / XPath Query

Information Manageability & Visibility

  • Manage versions, apply retention schedules, declare records, and place legal holds, whether you're dealing with traditional content, Web content, or social content.
  • Tailor different results and refinement options based on the profile of the user or audience.
  • Create rich dashboards that convey the right information the first time, aggregating content from multiple sources and displaying it in a Web browser in an understandable and collaborate environment.
  • Create a Document Set to manage related content as a single entity, speeding up common processes like RFP responses.

Governance, Regulation, Accountability and CSR

  • Content Type Based and Location Based Information Retention
  • One of the most talked about capabilities since the launch of SharePoint 2010 is the Managed Metadata Service. It provides the support for modeling and deploying a rich corporate taxonomy.
  • SharePoint 2010 provides an ideal platform for storing email that is part of project and case management or an effective and encompassing records management strategy.
  • Information Rights Management (IRM) - IRM allows individuals to put a customized digital envelope around content.

Business Intelligence

  • Create BI Dashboards with no code solution using SharePoint 2010 Dashboard designer / Performance Point Dashboard Designer.
  • Self-service access and insight
  • Data exploration and analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • Rich, contextual data visualization
  • Thin client experiences
  • Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Collaboration
  • Search
  • Charting
  • Custom report
  • Analysis Services
  • Reporting Services
  • Integration Services
  • Master Data Services
  • Data Warehousing
  • Power Pivot

Business Connectivity Services

  • Business Connectivity Services is a set of services and features that provides a way to connect your SharePoint solutions to sources of external data, such as Web services, SQL Server databases, SAP applications, and custom solutions.
  • When you use Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint Server 2010, you can implement solutions that let users interact with external data directly from such Microsoft Office 2010 programs as Outlook 2010 and SharePoint Workspace 2010. For example, you can create an XML definition file that defines the mapping between SharePoint and your external data so it can be rendered in a Web Part, used as a column within a list and even integrated into search.
  • Use BDC to map to existing line-of-business applications and search within SharePoint, search results includes people, documents, list data and data from their existing LOB system all within the same set of results.
  • BCS builds upon its BDC predecessor in the key areas of presentation, connectivity, tooling and lifecycle management.
  • For example, in SharePoint 2010 it’s easy to create an external content type with SharePoint Designer, create an external list in SharePoint’s Web user interface and take the list offline into Outlook as a set of contacts. Also, you can make updates to contacts in Outlook that will cause the data in the external system to update as well.

Web Services

  • SharePoint includes Web Services to interact with most commonly used SharePoint features and components. If out-of-the-box SharePoint Web Services doesn’t fit on your requirements, you can also build custom web service on top of SharePoint leveraging the SharePoint Object Model API.

Client Object Models

  • The SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model enables developers to write applications that access SharePoint data from a .NET application running on a client computer, from a Silverlight application, and from JavaScript running client-side in a SharePoint web part.
  • Client object model enables this without requiring the developer to write or install code on the SharePoint server.

Different Authentication Models

  • Windows
  • Claims (extensible)
  • SSO through a service of credentials secure storage that allow an integration cache.

Double set of Configuration Permissions

  • Default models (such as administrators or editors)
  • Ability to compose a custom set of permissions assigned to groups or individuals

Item by Item Security

  • Each item can break the security inheritance and have their own model.
  • Web Sites Extension through differentiated access enabling different directions with different security models for the same Web Site.