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bqHealth is an efficient, multi-level healthcare management software that serves general and multi-speciality hospitals, high-tech labs, medical stores and all types of health centres. It provides applications to automate a variety of healthcare facilities, customisable features to meet the unique needs of your organisation and robust reporting and interactive features that provide a high return on investment.

The system is easy to operate, with simple operating instructions covering all the functions in the areas of Front Office Management, General Management, Back Office Management, Electronic Medical Records, Lab & Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving & Communication System. bqHealth application provides advanced Graphical User Interface for smooth and easy operation. It simplifies the various departmental activities providing timely services for patients.


bqHealth has several precise advantages over other healthcare management systems in improving efficiency at all levels. Here's what bqHealth can do to strengthen your healthcare organisation and make life easy for patients and employees.

  • Administrative workload can be streamlined
  • Test results can be prepared on time with various data validation check to prevent human errors
  • Better control over nursing care and medical audit
  • Restriction of pilferage and wastage of supplies
  • Up-to-date bed management and allocation procedures
  • Easy access to patient's clinical data for doctors
  • Optimum return on resources
  • Easy to use for healthcare employees
  • Facilitates timely service and better care for patients
  • Secure logins and integration with Windows Networks such as Active Directory

Basic Modules

  • Patient's and Order Management Module
  • Lab Management Module
  • Radiology and Imaging Module
  • Store and Inventory Module
  • Master Data Management
  • Management Module
  • Staff Attendance Management
  • Marketing

Other Optional Modules and Integration Features:

  • PACS Server
  • RIS Workstation
  • Integration With various Lab Instruments for Test Results data collection
  • Comprehensive HR Module
  • Web component for Report Delivery
  • SMS Integration for Appointments reminder

Patient's and Order Management Module

  • Patient registration & allocation of patient identification number
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Health insurance sponsor details
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Search for patient data based on various filters
  • Barcode printer and receipt printer integration
  • Data editing and discount authorisation procedure
  • Patient admission & bed allocation
  • Facility for ward or bed transfer
  • Medical Observation and Nursing or clinical notes
  • Bed occupation matrix
  • Laboratory, Radiology, Procedure & clinical services request
  • Operation theatre scheduling
  • Drug prescription
  • Discharge summary with details and

Lab Management Module

  • Summary report prints for Lab technicians to perform the test
  • Simple clean forms and view for test results entry
  • Customisable data entry validation check based on different rules
  • Authorisation check for data modification
  • Audit records for result entry, report print
  • Print all lab results in a combined format

Radiology and Imaging Module

  • Template based reporting facility with auto correct and spells check facility for various x-ray and other radiological reports
  • Integration with Echo/Video endoscopy captures and archival of captured images
  • List of pending investigations
  • Automatic receipt of investigation requests from Inpatient & Outpatient

Master Data Management

  • Manage List of employees
  • Manage list of consultants
  • Manage referral doctors list
  • Manage various services and their fees and other related information
  • Print out various related reports
  • Provide notes for reception staffs while taking orders for specific services
  • Manage test procedures and documents
  • Customise test results validation rules

Store and Inventory Module

  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Manage manufactures
  • Manage Store Items including batch and Lot tracking
  • Manage requisitions
  • Print our various reports like
    1. Low physical stock
    2. Soon to Expire Items List
    3. Usage reports by various criteria and filter
    4. Items list
    5. Lab reagents consumption reports including buffer stocks

Management Module

  • Management dashboard showing various key indicators like Sales figures, In patients summary, Inventory reorders, other system activity
  • Ability to print reports like
    1. Monthly Sales report, grouping by various options like, Service head
    2. Staff activity

Staff Attendance Management

  • Schedule staff work routines
  • Group schedule grid view to effectively plan rosters
  • Employee calendar view
  • Override calendar view
  • Attendance reports
  • Punctuality reports


  • Referral Management
  • View referral reports based on sales person
  • Referral relationship history management