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Business Software Development - Desktop & Web

Software development tools and applications constantly change, and businesses are in an ongoing cycle to develop tools and programs that can better automate their processes to provide solutions that give them a sustained competitive advantage.

Business Software Development Services

Business are becoming more agile and adaptive to changes in the ever increasing competitive world. In order to survive and perform well businesses needs to implement well written flexible software to perform computation and automate process as much as possible. Technology is changing by leaps and bounds and the need for intelligent software development services is on a rise. For you to gain competitive edge and to succeed in your line of business it is imperative that you should have systems in place that can help you engage with more and more customers in lesser time. The software that runs on your system should be capable or smart enough to reduce day to day burden and help you make intelligent business decisions.

BQSoft offers a wide range of software developments solutions and services that can help take care of your ever changing business needs. We offer a comprehensive set of applications that can run seamlessly on any platform you choose and can offer desired results on which your business can count on. With newer technology evolving, we would create software applications based on the latest programming languages available in the market. From designing and development to quality tests and deployment, our professionals would offer assistance and guidance throughout the entire software application development stages.

BQSoft can work with you to define your requirements, develop a solid functional specification, design wireframes, develop the application, and test the software for deployment. We have a broad range of development expertise and we work flexibly within both the agile and waterfall methodologies.

Key Desktop App Development Solutions

Our developers work with clients in both simple and complex environments to complete projects such as:

  • Features for leading commercial software products
  • Add-ins that complement existing features or provide additional automated functionality
  • Tools and editors that monitor and perform complex information management tasks
  • Low-cost deployment solutions that deliver applications and keep them up to date

Key Web App Development Solutions

Our web developers along with expert architects can help you design and develop web app projects such as:

  • WEB 2.0 based Rich Interactive Web Portals
  • Single page Web Applications based on latest JavaScript technologies
  • Apps based HTML5 platforms like Sencha, JQuery UI and other popular platforms