About Us

Who are we?

Binary Quest (BQSoft) is software development company established by a bunch of young IT professionals whose collective total experiences are more than 40 years. The company was established with a common goal to produce unique software products for customer who needed cutting edge solutions with modern UI interface.

What we do?

We provide solution for customer in web apps, desktop software and mobile app development areas. We also provide consultancy for companies with internal IT teams to collaborate and help produce the best project outcomes.

What technology we work with?

We predominantly work with Microsoft's .Net platform. But we are not limited to that. We also work with Open Source technologies like, php, mono, python and others. Technology is just a tool for us and we like to use the best tool for the best outcome.

How long we have been doing this?

We established the company back in 2008. But all of our founder members had been working in this field since early 90's.

Where are we?

Our team members are spread across three continents but majority of our people works from Dhaka office.